Baby swim ring Alfie - Wave therapy

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Fine baby swim ring designed with a practical seat for the child and a high backrest that helps to give the child optimal safety and comfort in the water. The fresh colors helps to stimulate the child's interest in water and play.

The swim ring can be inflated with a practical valve that can be pushed into the swim ring so that it does not interfere with play in the water.

Use the baby swim ring in the pool or by the beach.

Wave therapy is designed based on our well-known and popular LED whale. The print, with its hand-drawn ships, waves and whales, helps to create a whole and support our ties to the sea, which gives us an inner peace and inspiration. The print comes in a nice blue version, which for us symbolizes peace, harmony and sincerity.

Recommended age 1-3 years.
Approved according to: EN 13138-3.

This is not a life saving device - use only under adult supervision. Do not leave children unattended. Only to be used in water in which the user is within its safe depth. Possible explosion: Do not over inflate. Do not use high-pressure air to inflate the product. Manual inflation is recommended. Make sure all chambers are completely inflated. Not to be used by children over or under the recommended age.

EAN 5712804014583
100% environmentally friendly PVC, free from BPA and Phthalates
Washing instructions
Clean in warm soapy water
Air dry
Product dimensions
Height (cm) 30
Width (cm) 60
Length (cm) 60
Net. weight (grams) 210