Air balloon - Grey 20 cm

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Our decorative and popular interior air balloons are handmade and made from recycled materials and can therefore vary in appearance. The air balloons are available in 10 cm and 20 cm, which gives the opportunity to hang several together and create and fill a cozy atmosphere in the room - both for small and larger children. The air balloons are designed according to the original model with many small and fine details and are available in different colors.
The air balloons come in a nice decorative box that can be reused and used for storage. The box is made of papier-maché and PP (polypropylene).

NB: The air balloon is for decoration and should be hung so that smaller children cannot reach it.

EAN 5712804004638
SKU FI-20A026
Recycled materials and braided basket
Product dimensions
Height (cm) 30
Width (cm) 20
Length (cm) 20
Net. weight (grams) 240