Babynest - Kapok Blush


The babynest is produced in organic satin-woven cotton, which is ultra-soft and beautiful to look at and with filling of 100% kapok, which helps to create a healthy and allergy-free sleeping environment for your baby.

The kapok filling is moisture-transporting and thus neither dust mites, bacteria or fungal spores can live and multiply in the kapok. In addition, it is free of chemicals, bleaches or other harmful substances that in the long run can contribute to the development of allergies. The babynest's unique properties make it perfect for both the warm and cold child through the night, as it is both insulating, temperature-regulating and breathable.

Kapok comes from trees that grow in the rainforests of Asia and South America. It is harvested year after year without felling the trees, which is why you with this product support a sustainable production and preserve the rainforests.

Our babynest is designed with a zipper function, which allows you to zip the edge off and use it as a bed bumper when the baby grows out of the babynest, but still needs to feel enclosed. Can even be opened and closed at the end with a leather belt, which extends the life of the babynest and is designed without any strings to secure the child in the best way.

Important: Always remember to lay the baby with the head away from the closure part and always make sure that the babynest is placed on a flat surface. Never leave the child unattended while using the babynest.

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100% organic cotton.
Filling: 100 % kapok
Washing instructions
Kapok is a natural and organic material that, just like many other natural products, benefits from fresh air every now and then.

Typically, we recommend washing bedding products before the first use to wash out additives, but as kapok is 100% organic and no additives are used this product does not need washing or airing before use.

Because of the kapok’s fine natural fibers, we recommend washing, drying, and maintaining the kapok products regularly. We recommend putting the product in the dryer for 15-20 minutes every four months or as needed to keep the product fluffy and soft.

If you need to wash your kapok product, we recommend that you wash it with enzyme-free detergent at maximum 30 degrees and avoid the use of fabric softener, this is to preserve the kapok's natural properties. During washing, it is important with a strong spin, to get as much water out of the products before drying, because the kapok's fine fiber structure means that the water settles tightly around the fibers. It is very important that the kapok product not are going to lay wet between washing and drying, as this can be hard for the kapok fiber, which can secrete some of its natural color from the fiber.

We recommend that you start drying in the dryer immediately after washing, that you only dry one product at a time in the dryer, so that the product has easier to move during drying and thereby become more airy. As newer dryers may have programs that measure the humidity of the product and can even turn off during drying if the product seems dry, we recommend using time-based programs instead. We recommend drying a kapok product of approx. 30 minutes with good heat, after this the product is taken out and left to cool for 30 -60 minutes. After the product has had time to dehumidify, the product needs to dry again by approx. 30 minutes with good heat, after this the product is taken out and left to cool for 30 -60 minutes. When the product has reached room temperature, it will be easy to feel how much moisture is left in the product and how much more drying is needed. A kapok product should appear airy, dry and ready for use after 3-4 repetitions of the drying process.
If you feel that the product is still a bit damp, you can calmly give it an extra turn in the dryer until you think it feels dry.

We recommend not using tennis balls to aerate the products when they are tumble dried.
In connection with drying of a kapok product, small lumps of kapok will form, these can easily be manually pulled apart before the product is tumble dried again.

It is worth noting that for larger products, it is recommended to use a dry cleaner, as these products may be too large for a normal washing machine.

Withstands washing machine at max 30 degrees
Take the mattress out and remove leather strap before washing.
Withstands ironing at medium heat
No bleach
Tumble dryer
Withstands cleaning
Wash with the same colors
Product dimensions
Height (cm) 85
Width (cm) 50
Length (cm) 14
Net. weight (grams) 0