Bib w. sleeves - Muddly blue / Powder blue


Practical and beautiful bib with long sleeves, elastic at the wrist and velcro closure at the neck. Designed with a pocket at the bottom, which collects spilled food and liquids, or can be used to store a spoon or a damp washcloth, when you are on the go. The material of the bib makes it super comfortable, waterproof and easy to clean. The bib is solid-colored with edges in complimenting colors, which gives the bib a minimalistic look.

EAN 5712804016662
SKU FI-01666
100% PU
Back: 100% recyclable polyester
Washing instructions
Does not withstand washing machine
Does not tolerate ironing
Do not bleach (applies to all colored products)
Do not tumble dry
Clean in warm soapy water
Hanging dry
Product dimensions
Height (cm) 1
Width (cm) 42
Length (cm) 79
Net. weight (grams) 0