Filibabba's responsibility 

Organic production and social responsibility

At Filibabba we take great pride in integrating social and environmental considerations into all our business activities.

Since 2016, we have been one of the few Danish brands that present products that are produced in GOTS certified textiles. GOTS stands for GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD and is a labeling for organic textiles and covers the entire chain from the harvest of the counselors through environmentally and socially responsible production to the final product.

As a consumer you can be sure that all our cotton fabrics are produced correctly throughout the value chain - from the cotton farmer’s field’s to us as a brand. 

The GOTS standard requires that the textiles consist of at least 70 percent of ecologically certified natural fibers and since it is said that it is almost impossible to carry out industrial production without the use of chemicals, this is defined as little as possible, based on color additives and design.

In addition to being GOTS certified and focused on sustainable products, we are proud to have a friendly relationship with our suppliers based on trust and mutual respect. For us, it must be fun to produce Filibabba products, whether it’s Turkey, India, or a whole third country. Therefore, we have a great passion for everything in the factories to comply with various ISO standards to ensure proper conditions for those who produce the products.

For us, packaging is more than just cardboard that is produced and then abolished. We are in favor of recycling and have a mission to produce fabric bags for as many of our textile products as possible, as well as boxes of good cardboard quality for our interior air balloons, which can be recycled and used for storage in the children's room.

We believe in sustainable thinking, we develop our products in natural materials for our children and our environment and we take responsibility for each design we name.  

We care!