Junior pillow - Kapok - nature white
Junior pillow - Kapok - nature white
Junior pillow - Kapok - nature white

Junior pillow - Kapok - nature white

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Our premium pillow for children with a filling of 100% kapok helps you to create a healthy and allergy-free sleeping environment for your little one. 

The outer fabric of the pillow is produced in 100% organic cotton. Kapok fibres contain a natural bitter substance that makes kapok resistant to dust mites, bacteria and fungal spores.

In addition, kapok fibres are insulating, temperature-regulating and breathable. Since it is very difficult for small children to control their own body temperature, the materials’ unique properties make our kapok pillow the perfect choice for your little one.

Kapok comes from trees that grow on plantations in Asia and South America. In contrast to other natural fibres like e.g. cotton, kapok can be harvested year after year without felling the trees.

How to care for your kapok pillow

Please note: When you receive your kapok pillow, it will feel very compact, but when you snuggle with it, the kapok fibres unfold and your pillow becomes softer and fluffier! This gives your pillow the lightness and fluffiness that is characterising for the kapok fibres. 

Since the kapok fibres contain natural bitter substances, dust mites, fungal spores and bacteria cannot live in the pillow. Therefore, you do not have to wash your kapok pillow as often as a down pillow. We recommend that you wash your pillow only when necessary and ideally only after the kapok fibres have become light and fluffy.

To keep your kapok pillow fluffy, we recommend that you air it in the tumble dryer for 30 minutes every three months.

If you need to wash your kapok pillow, please follow these instructions:

  • Wash your kapok pillow at 40 degrees. Use only enzyme-free detergent. Never use fabric softener.
  • Choose a programme with a high spin cycle to remove as much water as possible from the kapok before drying.
  • It is very important that you tumble dry your kapok pillow immediately after washing, since the kapok fibres can be damaged if left wet for too long.
  • Dry your kapok pillow for 30 minutes at a high temperature and then let it air cool.
  • Finally, gently shake your kapok pillow and gently spread out the kapok fibres by hand.
  • Repeat the last two steps until your kapok pillow is completely dry.
My size
Height (cm) 45
Width (cm) 40
Length (cm) 2
Net. weight (grams) 170
I'm made of
100% organic cotton.
Filling: Kapok
Take care of me
Plain wash at 40 degrees
Do not iron
Do not bleach (applies to all colored products)
Tumble dry
Do not dry clean
Wash with similar colors
Wash only if necessary
Always tumble dry after wash and sort the fibers by hand.
For further washing instructions please visit our website
Me in numbers
Farve White
EAN 5712804006922
Age 24 - 72 Months