Motor ball - Isa grab ball Pistachio


Isa grab ball is designed for motor development. With the heart in all our products, we have created a ball collection, with tactile surfaces, good properties and in fine color shades.

Isa grab ball is produced in 100% natural rubber and helps to stimulate the child's motor skills and gripper reflexes. With a nice gentle bell sound inside, it also stimulates the baby's hearing senses. On the surface, small pads have been produced which provide a good grip for even very small hands, at the same time all edges are soft, which can help on sore gums and at the same time stimulate the tactile sense. Great product for developing the child's fine motor skills.

Since the ball is produced in 100% natural rubber, the expression may vary slightly from gentle to gentle.

EAN 5712804014828
100 % pure natural rubber.
100% sustainable and biodegradable.
Handpainted with food grade paint
BPA, phthalate and PVC free.
Washing instructions
Take care & wipe with damp cloth if needed
Product dimensions
Height (cm) 8
Width (cm) 8
Length (cm) 8
Net. weight (grams) 50