Babynest Forest Floor Blue

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Babynest Forest Floor Blue

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This fine babynest creates comfort and coziness for the little one. It is very suitable when the baby is newborn and is good to have around in the house, so you always have a secure base to your baby. You can adjust the size of the babynest by releasing the strings. On this babynest we have made a zipper-function, so you can unzip the sides from the mattress and get a bed bumper of the sides. This bed bumper can be used when the baby gets too big to lay in the babynest, but still needs the feeling of being surrounded, so the bed does not feel too big.

Important: Always place the baby with the head in the other end than the strings and always tie up the strings when the babynest is in use. Only use the babynest on a plain surface.

Color: Forest floor Blue
Measurements: Width, 50 cm, lenght 85 cm, height 12 cm