Kapok duvet, junior

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Kapok duvet, junior

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Junior duvet with filling of 100% kapok. Kapok has several benefits: It is 100% organic, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. At the same time it is temperature regulating, breathable and moisture wicking. Read more about kapok HERE.

Please note: When you receive your kapok product it will feel very compact, but it will become softer and more fluffy after use. We suggest that you sleep with the kapok product to faster obtain the softness and lightness which characterizes the kapok products.

As the kapok fibres are antibacterial we do not recommend that you wash the product often and we recommend that you do not wash the product untill it has become more soft and fluffy according to the description above.

To maintain the softness of the product we recommend that you tumbledry the product for 30 minutes every third month.

We recommend the following washing instructions:
Wash the kapok product at 40 degress without any fabric softener and only with detergent without enzymes. Chose a program with a high centrifugation to get as much water out of the product as possible before putting it in the tumbledryer. It is very important that you tumbledry the kapok product immediately after wash, because the kapok fibres can be damaged, if the product remains wet for a long time. Tumbledry the product for 30 minutes at high heat and take it out and allow the product to cool down - you can carefully shake the product and sort the kapok fibres by hand. Repeat until the product is completely dry.

Color: White
Material: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, filling: 100% kapok
Measurements: 100 x 140 cm